Thursday, January 18, 2007

The benefits of slipcovers

Have you considered using slipcovers on your furniture? They can keep your furniture in excellent condition for years to come. Slipcovers can be custom made, or they are available ready made to fit many different styles of furniture.. Fabric selection could be a light weight cotton, or you can use a heavier weight upholstery fabric. Also you can use a plain or a printed fabric, the choices are unlimited.

Here are some some of the benefits I like about slipcovers . You can change the look of your room depending on the season. Use a plain fabric in the winter months, and a floral in the summer. Slipcovers are also excellent for preventing your furniture from being soiled or stained. If you have children, you know how hard it is to keep your furniture looking nice. I don't even want to mention what your pets might do to your furniture. Also a piece of furniture sitting in front of a window can be protected from the sun, and can keep the original fabric from fading or being damaged.

Slipcovers can also bring an old sofa or chair back to life. If you have a sofa or chair, that the condition seems to be in decent shape, it might be worthwhile to slipcover it. If the cushions are in poor condition, you should replace the foam. You can do this yourself, or take them to an upholstery shop and have it done..Another thing to look at is the deck underneath the cushions. If it doesn't seem to be as firm as it should be, the webbing on the underside of the sofa or chair might have to be replaced. Over time it stretches, and doesn't give the springs the support that's needed. Even with the cost of the slipcover, new cushions and webbing, it should be a lot less than replacing your favorite piece of furniture.

Over the years, of being in the upholstery business I've seen all of these problems. That's why in my opinion it is beneficial to use slipcovers.



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