Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Useful Tips Before Buying Antique Furniture

Useful Tips Before Buying Antique Furniture
Sarika Kabra

If you are not sure what you are about to buy, better defer your shopping plans until you get complete education about the product than going ahead with the gamble of making an uninformed choice! This article precisely aims at educating you about all you need to make sure before you buy antique furniture. These tips will help you make a better choice on your requirements pertaining to antique furniture as well as provide you with some useful insights to avert a possible scam. Since antiques are high in demand. They also command a higher price. And due to lack of proper understanding about antique furniture, many Smart Alecs find it easy to dupe people by selling cheap fakes in the name of antiques.

To save yourself from embarrassment, the first obvious step is to make sure that the furniture article on offer is actually ‘antique’. A true antique item is at least 100 years old. Now, how to make sure that what you are buying is actually, in fact, an antique?

Take a good look at the furniture by taking it outside the closed interiors. The first sign to observe in true antique furniture is the non-uniformity in its dimensions. This is so due to the fact that wood shrinks as it ages by up to 1/8 inch per foot. The finer aspects in wooden antique furniture may seem missing. If every nook and corner, length, breadth and width of the furniture seems perfect, this is the first sign that something is not right with the antique.

If you are told that a particular antique furniture item is of Amish made furniture, make sure it is genuine. Typically, Amish furniture is made of 3-pieces. These are joined together by different techniques but the number of sub-pieces is always small. If it is genuine Amish handcrafted furniture, it will show its class by the bulkier weight and fine craftsmanship.

Before buying the antique furniture, make sure that it has not lost its sturdiness in the years gone by. If the furniture item is not too light and delicate, you can easily test the sturdiness by sitting on it or shaking it lightly. You can also check out for cracks and cuts by running your hand smoothly all over the furniture surface.

A typically old piece of furniture item will appear discolored from certain places. Some kinds of natural wear and tear at the corners will be evident by a close look at it. This is due to the exposure, over the years, to environmental and other hazards. But the damage should look natural. For instance, the corner blocks should be the same color as surrounding wood. Any variation is a sign that the nature of woods used in a single furniture item is different.

Any kind of hardware used on the antique furniture must be original. The knobs, sliders, screws and bolts can be easily checked by careful assessment of the wood behind these attachments. Any sign of plugged holes means that the hardware has been tampered with.

The next thing is to ask the dealer for necessary warranties and guaranties. Ask all other relevant questions you may have in mind before buying any piece of furniture. For instance, the nature and periodicity of repairs undertaken on the article, the best price for the furniture etc.

Always seek second opinion before buying antique furniture and educate yourself with some useful literature on antique furniture.

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The author has antique Amish furniture in her home. Authentic Amish oak furniture can be purchased very easily from an online store. Online wholesale Amish furniture dealers offer good discounts on their prices.

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Friday, February 23, 2007

People Love Leather Furniture For A Good Reason

People Love Leather Furniture For Good Reason
Bruce Channers

There has to be a good reason why people are willing to pay substantially more for a leather interior in their cars. For probably the same good reason, people are also willing to pay more for leather furniture as opposed to upholstered furniture. Frankly, the fact is that leather is a very appealing fabric that people want to have. A set of leather furniture in the living room isnt just about comfortits also about status.

But owning leather furniture is certainly about more than just impressing your neighbors. One of the biggest single reasons why people choose to spend extra for leather furniture is because it lasts. Typical upholstery will only stand up to constant use for about 5 years before it begins to fray, tatter, and tear. But when properly cared for, leather furniture can last for 20 years or more before needing major repair or replacement. So, while leather furniture may be more expensive, it certainly isnt 4 Xs as much! Therefore, going leather is actually the better economic move AND still will impress your neighbors!

Aside from being a status symbol and very durable, leather furniture is simply great on the skin! If you have ever noticed, leather furniture stays at room temperature. When the temp is high, the leather is very soft and pliable. But, when the room temp dips for any reason, the leather will become more brittle and less pliable. The reason for this is because leather furniture breathes.

Made from animal skins that have pores throughout them, leather furniture breathes through the pores in its surface. Genuine leather will not become sticky in the summer and is one of the most comfortable materials for your skin. So long as the leather furniture is cleaned and conditioned regularly, the leather will also not be brittle in the winter unless temperatures drop far lower than is normal in a household.

Another big advantage of leather furniture over upholstered varieties is that leather itself ages very well indeed. Developing what one might call a weathered look, leather takes on a patina as the years roll past. In fact, leather furniture actually looks better as it ages while upholstered furniture just fades and looks aged.

Of course, leather furniture must be cared for in order for it to age properly and stand the test of time. It is important to keep the pores in the leather free from dust so it is necessary to dust the leather furniture once a week. That way, the leather cleaner and conditioner can get down into the pores and keep the material soft, pliable, and well preserved. Plan on using a leather cleaner 3 times a year or so in order to prevent premature cracking or peeling that results from improper maintenance. But, with proper care, you can continue to impress your neighbors for many years to come while being able to enjoy the soft feel of leather the whole while!

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